Our Story

Food lover since childhood, Tina Wong began to seriously consider baking as a career when she realized that she enjoyed baking for her friends more than her full-time job.  After training at different pastry school in Hong Kong and France, since 2006, Tina took the challenging step of becoming the master of her own on line bakery shop called Tina’s Delight at that year.  In 2015, she took a step to redecorate her home to be own private kitchen with combo of living and dinning room in order to entertain her friends.

Tina’s Delight offers a range of different fresh pastry products, with a mix of her own creations —such as classic assorted cookies (best sell over 3,000 boxes), butter free cookies (new health creations), customized birthday cakes, baby shower gifts and wedding candy bar—as well as traditional Chinese mood cakes with unique filling on offer.  Tina also hopes to explore different ways of making delicatessen to order to bring the joy to people.